The Qiu Lab at Michigan State University, Department of Chemistry works at the nexus of analytical chemistry, toxicology, microbiology and neuroscience. We use analytical and biological tools, particularly mass spectrometry, to understand the molecular mechanisms of environment-host-microbe interactions.

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  • We celebrated the accomplishment (or survival) of another semester with a group lunch. Looking forward to the summer!

  • Welcome Abby Smith and Tanvi Satoor as undergraduate researchers to our lab!

  • Prof. Dr. Yasuaki Saito from Kitasato University, Japan joined us as a visiting scholar for D-amino acid research in C. elegans. Welcome!

  • First recruiting weekend of the Qiu Lab. Wonderful job everyone!

  • First group lunch at Georgio’s Pizza (and dairy store afterwards!). Looking forward to an exciting new semester!

  • Our mass spectrometer, the Bruker timsTOF fleX is installed and up running.

  • The Qiu Lab welcomes three new graduate students: Ryutaro Einar Jacobson, Aidan Reynolds, and Irfath Jasmin Reza. Welcome!

  • The Qiu Lab welcomes its first member, Helen O’Shaughnessy, a sophomore student in Biomedical Laboratory Science at MSU. Welcome!

  • Dr. Qiu joined Department of Chemistry at Michigan State University as an assistant professor.